Euro Test & Test Technique

JJC was set up by Euro Test openers James Bennett and Craig Robinson in 2009. The program continues to go from strength to strength demonstrated by a consistent high pass rate.

Quality coaches

Your coaches have a variety experience to guide you towards your goals. The JJC team over the years has consisted of Euro Test openers, World cup and Olympic athletes with a history of both competing and coaching at the highest level. To ensure you have a rounded program you can also expect coaches with qualifications and experience in strength and conditioning and psychology.

Training venue

Location is a high priority to us for your program. We ensure we go to places that offer a variety of terrain and the availability in lane space to set what you need when you need it. Having the option to set multiple courses in a variety of ways makes it possible for your coaches to tailor the program to you.

Group sizes

We offer a variety of levels from starter programs through to test ready. You have the opportunity to train with like minded people at a level that suits you.

Attention to detail

Investment in equipment and resources to make sure each group can run as an individual program has been a priority since we started. This ensures you don’t have to battle ruts or ski courses set to work on areas that are not relevant to you. Your  dryland training is as important to us as time spent on snow and we will ensure equal attention is given to fitness, ski tuning and psychology.

Real mock tests

With a coaching team full of Euro Test openers we are able to offer realistic mock tests based on up to date calibrations.

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