Some prep to keep the legs fresh this Autumn


Summer fitness programs are well underway. Long hours have been put in to building a good base level of cardio. Reps have been fired out in the gym and plenty of work has been done to improve balance and stability.

As we go into the final stint before pre season training kicks off (Only 10 weeks! Crazy I know!) its time to up the intensity and work in different thresholds, build power and get more ski specific.
To give you an idea of the kind of training we are doing to get ready for opening next season I will post a few ideas here each week.

Most my training will be done on the bike working on building my tolerance in different thresholds. When you are in Saas Fee or Austria this autumn you are going to be doing multiple high intensity runs and lots of stopping and starting between efforts. Whilst long sessions at lower heart rates are great for building a strong base it wont stop those legs aching at 3000 m +. To combat that we need to work at different intensity’s, some hard enough you might need the sick bucket.
Here is my plan over the next 6 weeks. Hopefully they will have a gym and bike in Argentina!

Screenshot (68)
Session format: (setxrep) – (work/rest) – (set,rest) (” = minutes) (‘ =  seconds)

Example – Monday 17th = 3 sets of 6 reps – 1 minute work/45 seconds rest – 3 minutes rest between sets.

Takes a bit of concentration to figure out the routine, but it does make sense. Think of it as your mental training.  Any questions drop me an email.

RPE = Perceived effort
1: Very light activity (sitting down thinking about skiing)
4: Can feel this but could go all day
7: This is getting pretty hard
10: Max effort (sick bucket near by)

TT = Time trial (max effort good to gage how things are going)

Monday and Thursday will be the tough ones with max efforts. The 15 seconds work/15 seconds rest is a particular favourite and if done at max takes some mental strength to.

At the weekend I would go for something gentle for 90 minutes RPE 3/4.  It is also good to get out and get better at sport in general.

I will check in with some more sessions over the next couple of weeks.

Craig Robinson