Getting Strong!

Following on from my last post on intervals, here is a couple of strength sessions I am throwing into my gym sessions. I tend to try and get two sessions in a week and then some stability, core and agility sessions at home.

Screenshot (69)

SL = Single Leg

DB = Dumbell

RDL = Romanian dead lifts

You can google/youtube the exercises you may not be familiar with or send me an email.

Weight vs form

It is really important to avoid injury this close to the season. Although we are reducing reps and looking to lift heavier in this phase, it is a necessity to do it with the right form. We would always recommend going through the exercises with a PT or strength and conditioning coach to check form and suitability for you.

What will all this fitness do for me?

In short it is going to help you deal with the demands of training, increase your power and improve your overall athletic ability.

If you have the capacity to make 2 more effective runs a day you will put yourself at a significant advantage. Based on our Autumn program that equates to approximately 60 more runs in GS before the first test of the season. Another way to look at it is 20 % more value from your training.


7 weeks to go till 15/16 season kicks off for JJC!

Any questions or for a few more options don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Craig Robinson

Euro Test Opener